Coffe Reali: discover our Sicilian artisan straw bags

Coffe Reali was born from the passion for Sicilian traditions and, through reinterpretations but keeping faith with the historical imprint, offers a wide range of typical Sicilian straw bags – called coffa or coffe if they are more than one – with an unconventional style. These bags, which originally
originated as containers for the collection of olives or for foraging the horses, over time have become real fashion accessories to show off on several occasions.
Let yourself be inspired by the unmistakable baroque style of the Sicilian straw bags! Browse the catalogs and choose the one that best suits you!

Coffe Reali: the elegant, baroque and unique style straw bags

When the splendor of the Baroque meets the charm of rurality, the first thing that comes to mind are the unique and inimitable Sicilian straw bags. Made of woven strawand decorated with any object that makes them as flashy, these bags have now conquered the world, becoming a fashion accessory to be worn on several occasions, especially in summer.
Starting from this assumption but with the desire to amaze, Coffe Reali wants to offer the market a large catalog of elegant Sicilian straw bags, not simple traditional summer bags, but unconventional straw bags. How? Through the use of fabrics never used before in Sicilian straw bags: velvet, silk, eco-leather, just to name a few. In short, bags to be used also and especially in winter.
In fact, albeit in full respect of the traditions, to which Coffe Reali is inextricably linked,the Sicilian straw bags of the brand stand out from those that you can find in the local markets or in the appropriate shops. The explosion of baroque, which comes out through the sumptuous decoration, and the materials used mean that the elegant Sicilian straw bags of Coffe Reali can be combined with oversized coats and scarves orperhaps to break a formal outfit.
Take a look at the entire catalog, you will surely find the Sicilian straw bag that best suits your style!